Goodbye Horses + Star Mall

Goodbye Horses and Star Mall are interactive augmented reality artworks that draw inspiration from the Voyager Golden Record. When the work is viewed through a smartphone camera using the app Program Synthesis, these stock photography images reveal augmented reality audio transmissions from within the Media Matrix. 

In Goodbye Horses  the viewer is guided on a walk through the desert. Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground by Blind Willie Johnson plays alongside a digital approximation of horses and tumbleweeds. The walk is cut short by a call from a mysterious payphone that suddenly appears, perhaps as a glitch or the work of a hacker within the Media Matrix. In Star Mall, the viewer is lead through air-locked spacecraft doors into a massive shopping center, where soft jazz is playing through an early 90s shopping mall sound system. Greetings in 55 Languages is overheard in the form of conversations between people that the viewer passes. The walk is again cut short by a call from a mysterious payphone.

Momma Tried


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