Patty Cake

Patty Cake explores how trauma restructures the brain, creating new correlations in everyday assessments of risk. This work reflects on the loss of intimate proximity and touch, examining how both the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting trauma have coded potential danger into previously safe interactions. 

Filmed in early May 2020, Patty Cake is a 20 minute long single channel video depicting a game of patty cake. The video is accompanied by a digital archive of risk assessment and disclosure documents related to engaging in non-essential touch during the Covid-19 pandemic. These disclosure documents take inspiration from contract tracing procedures and CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus, according to the information and resources available in late April 2020. The documents act as a record of the mental processes, anxiety, and disorientation experienced in Phase 1 of the Covid-19 quarantine. 

2020 - ongoing

Email for hi-res blank disclosure documents and performance instructions.

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