Spa Castle

Spa Castle considers how fact and fiction are unified by the process of repeated retellings, asking: “do all accounts of the past function as mythology?” and “are history and fiction interchangeable?”

Within this 1500 sq ft installation we constructed three rooms: in the first, visitors walked amongst a pantheon of 8 ft tall gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, in the next they were immersed in the home of the Mad Hatter, and to enter the final room, visitors passed through a salvaged door with a square peep-hole and flood lines from Hurricane Katrina, into Glory Hole, a fully-functioning dive bar inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1962 location of The Factory. We conceptualize these sites as existing simultaneously in the universe of Spa Castle, a location that contains all stories both fictional and historical, as they are perpetually given substance and maintained by the imagination of the living. During the opening of the installation, visitors interacted with Romulus and Remus, two native inhabitants of Spa Castle.

Momma Tried


Commissioned by Pelican Bomb.

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